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Kevin Weiss, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

Byogy Renewables

As founder of a successful Silicon Valley Civil Engineering company in 1995, and a professionally licensed engineer, Kevin spent his career developing the places where we live, work, and play, with genuine respect for the environment.  From his participation in 1987 on the first task force to develop water quality runoff solutions for the Chesapeake Bay Act (still in force today), a 64,000 sq mi watershed, to designing the first Gold LEED building in California for the Hewlett Packard Foundation in 2005, Kevin continually champions innovative renewable pathways. 
With such experience, in 2005 Kevin was implored by renewable energy pioneers to lead an initiative that expands his sustainable community development expertise to develop new ways of introducing renewable energy into our daily lives.

Byogy Renewables Inc. was formed in 2005 with initial focus on expanding sustainable development practices to the transportation sector with the focus on developing full replacement renewable fuels to mitigate carbon emissions from the heavy transport sectors. Kevin Weiss tasked a team of credible petrochemical engineers, agricultural experts, and experienced business entrepreneurs to develop a breakthrough catalytic platform that produces premium grade biofuels, including gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, which can be used as standalone fuels in any infrastructure and engines without any modifications.

Byogy was the pioneer inventor of what is today called the Alcohol To Jet (ATJ) process and was a key participant in driving the first ATJ global specification approvals thought ASTM.  The Byogy ATJ platform was developed 10 years ahead of its time as it is finally being recognized as one of the few biofuel platforms that has the ability to commercialize to large scale and achieve price parity with crude oil fuels.


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