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Air Force’s Penland joins Jet Fuel Innovation speaker faculty

Updated: Feb 20

Michael Penland, principal director of United States Air Force Operational Energy Policy, will join Jet Fuel Innovation News’ inaugural Jet Fuel Innovation Summit on April 6-7 in Houston, for a roundtable discussion on “Overcoming Supply Constraints to Keep Aircraft Flying.”

“Optimizing aviation fuel use leads to a number of second- and third-order effects like increased range, fewer maintenance issues and reduced costs,” Penland said, adding that the savings “could be used for things like more training or new technology.” He emphasized that using data and technology to optimize aircraft operations can lead to increased capability and readiness.

As the Air Force is the largest consumer of fuel in the U.S. Department of Defense, Air Force Operational Energy focused heavily on optimization, in 2019. In addition to projects designed to increase its utilization of alternate fuel sources, the Air Force implemented initiatives such as more efficient refueling techniques for the F-35 Lightning II fleet, and new graduate courses at the Air Force Institute of Technology to help create a more energy-aware culture.

Additionally, for the first time ever, in 2019 the Air Force established the “Joint Force Energy Wargame,” a series of military exercises focused solely on energy and fuel logistics to evaluate weak spots in fuel storage and distribution, and the implications of threats to energy sources.

The Jet Fuel Innovation Summit will explore the efforts underway to improve practices and develop new strategies, technologies and products in jet fuel and global jet fuel management. The event brings together jet fuel providers and emerging ventures within the industry and presents industry participants with a concentrated opportunity for networking and learning.

For more about the event's agenda, click here.



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