• Gennette Cordova

Carbon Engineering exec joins Jet Fuel Innovation Summit speaker faculty

Anna Stukas, business development director in the fuel division of the Canadian-based Carbon Engineering clean energy company, will join Jet Fuel Innovation News’ inaugural Jet Fuel Innovation Summit on April 6-7 in Houston. Stukas will present at the session “Let’s Get Digital: Fuel Procurement in the Automation Age.”

Carbon Engineering, a pioneer in the development of carbon capture technology, was recently named to Global Cleantech’s 100 list for 2020 and was backed, early on, by Bill Gates. The well-funded startup partnered with Occidental Petroleum last year to expand its direct air capture technology with the construction of a new plant in Texas, expected to be operational by 2023.

In addition to the 1 million tonnes of CO2 the company plans to pull annually from the atmosphere, Carbon Engineering has also established a process to recycle captured carbon by turning it into aviation fuel.

"We develop a synthetic crude that can be refined to kerosene,” explained CEO Steve Oldham. “And because you took its carbon content out of the atmosphere in advance, it’s nearly carbon neutral.”

Jet fuel is the single most important cost item for the aviation business, and the Jet Fuel Innovation Summit will explore the efforts underway to improve practices and develop new strategies, technologies and products in jet fuel and global jet fuel management. The event brings together jet fuel providers and emerging ventures within the industry, and presents industry participants with a concentrated opportunity for networking and learning.

For more about the event's agenda, click here.



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