• Gennette Cordova

Gevo, Avfuel supply SAF to Banyan Air Service

AvFuel Corp. delivered 7,000 gallons of Gevo-supplied sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to Banyan Air Service in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Thursday.

The cornstarch-based concentrated SAF from Gevo is blended with a petroleum-based jet fuel, which accounts for an estimated 2 metric tonne reduction in lifecycle CO2 emissions. For every 1 million gallons of concentrated SAF produced, approximately 10 million lbs. of animal feed and protein are sold into the food chain, and the final jet fuel product burns cleaner, reducing carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

“Avfuel is a hardworking partner with tremendous reach, with more than 650 Avfuel-branded locations and 3,000-plus fueling locations they can help bring more sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to the marketplace,” Gevo COO Tim Cesarek told Jet Fuel Innovation News. “The Banyan delivery is another step to educate other FBO and business flight operators that SAF is available and there is a choice to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Despite business aviation operations like Banyan Air Service contributing just 0.04% of global carbon emissions, the International Business Aviation Council published the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change in 2019, identifying a critical need for a globally harmonized environmental policy. Among the tenets of that commitment, signed by business aviation stakeholders worldwide, was a pledge to a 2% improvement in fuel efficiency per year from 2010 until 2020, with carbon-neutral growth from 2020 after that, and a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, compared with 2005 emissions.

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