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Gevo joins Jet Fuel Innovation Summit for Fireside Chat


Tim Cesarek, executive vice president at Gevo, will join our inaugural Jet Fuel Innovation Summit as the Fireside Chat featured speaker. During this session, he will share his unique insights and perspectives on key jet fuel trends and changes in a dynamic one-on-one conversation. 

Jet Fuel Innovation Summit is a new event scheduled for April 6-7 in Houston. Since jet fuel is the single most important cost item for the aviation business, the event will explore the efforts underway to improve its practices and develop new strategies, technologies and products in jet fuel and global jet fuel management. The Jet Fuel Innovation Summit will give industry participants a concentrated opportunity for networking and learning, bringing together jet fuel providers and emerging, innovative ventures in the industry.

Gevo, a leading renewable fuels and chemicals manufacturer, has gained momentum recently by commercializing the next generation of gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuel with the potential to achieve zero carbon emissions. Powered by inedible, industrial corn products, or no. 2 corn, Gevo’s patented process separates the sugar from the proteins in the corn product. The sugars are then used to make the jet fuel, while the proteins are fed to livestock. 

In its latest endeavor to address the market need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with sustainable alternatives, the company recently entered into a long-term offtake agreement under which it will provide 10 million gallons per year of advanced renewable biofuels to Delta Air Lines.

“We have such great potential in our business system to break paradigms as to what is possible. We are working to create a business system that works hand-in-hand with agriculture to improve sustainability and lower the carbon emissions of jet fuel while producing protein for food chain use,” the company said in a press release.

Apart from Gevo, Jet Fuel Innovation Summit will hear from other entities advancing innovation in jet fuel including Valcora, the U.S. Air Force and Atlas Air Worldwide.

For more about the event's agenda, click here.



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