• Gennette Cordova

Gulfstream tallies 1 million sustainable fuel miles flown

Updated: Jan 2

Over the past four years, on more than 550 flights, Gulfstream Aerospace’s corporate, demonstration, customer service and flight test fleets have flown over 1 million nautical miles on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).  

The Georgia manufacturer, which used a Gulfstream G450 to fly the first ever SAF-powered trans-Atlantic flight in 2011, signed an agreement in 2015 with World Fuel Services to receive a consistent supply of SAF, provided by World Energy’s Paramount, Calif., plant, making them the first business jet manufacturer to use SAF in its regular operations. The fuel is a blend of 30% low carbon, drop-in fuel, made from agricultural waste feedstock, and 70% traditional jet fuel, which results in 60% less carbon emissions. 

During a panel at a gathering of business aviation industry leaders in October, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) President Ed Bolen remarked that “sustainable aviation fuel seems too good to be true but it’s not. It’s here, it’s now.” The NBAA, along with the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and the International Business Aviation Council, have outlined sustainability goals for the business aviation industry, including a 50% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 relative to 2005 levels and carbon-neutral growth from 2020 onward.

“Gulfstream recognized the need to take a leadership role in sustainability and continues to support the widespread adoption of SAF,” said Sean Coughlin, a media relations specialist for Gulfstream. He also added that most of their customers have embraced the use of biofuel and welcome the opportunity to contribute to the decarbonization of the aviation industry. Furthermore, in response to the interest from their clientele, Gulfstream has begun assisting some of their customers in establishing their own SAF supply.

The manufacturer saw growth in its aircraft deliveries last year, with 121 total business jet deliveries, including a 40% fourth quarter surge, consisting of 34 large-cabin and eight midsize jets deliveries. There are more than 2,850 Gulfstream aircraft in service around the world. Beyond the use of SAF in its normal fleets, Gulfstream made SAF available to customers at its Long Beach, Calif., facility and California’s Van Nuys Airport (VNY).

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