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Valcora joins Jet Fuel Innovation Summit

Daniel Coetzer, CEO of Switzerland-based fuel provider Valcora, will join Jet Fuel Innovation News’ inaugural Jet Fuel Innovation Summit for a presentation at the session “Let’s Get Digital: Fuel Procurement in the Automation Age.” 

The summit is a new event scheduled for April 6-7 in Houston, Texas. Jet fuel is the single most important cost item for the aviation business, and the event will explore the efforts underway to improve its practices and develop new strategies, technologies and products in jet fuel and global jet fuel management. The summit presents industry participants with a concentrated opportunity for networking and learning, bringing together jet fuel providers and emerging ventures within the industry.

Last year, Valcora amplified its carbon emissions offsetting options through a partnership with Shell Aviation. All Shell fuels sold through Valcora’s digital fuel purchasing platform will be carbon neutral, meaning emissions will be offset through carbon credits included in their fuel purchase package.

Additionally, purchasers of fuel through Valcora’s online system will also have the option to offset emissions through nature-based carbon credits from Shell’s portfolio. Each carbon credit represents the avoidance or removal of 1 tonne of CO2. The company, for instance, gives direct contributions to several wildlife conservation projects, including South African rhinoceros orphanages.

Coetzer decided that instead of making monetary donations to high-profile umbrella wildlife organizations, Valcora would identify the environmentally friendly projects for which the company’s contributions would have the greatest impact


Although discussions of sustainability in aviation have centered specifically around sustainable aviation fuel in recent years, the supply has remained limited.

“Obviously, we are a big supporter of that—if we could just find the product to sell,” Coetzer said in an interview last year. “If we could have it at each and every airport, we will sell it at each and every airport, but there are only a few drops available at one or two airports in the world.”

For more about the event's agenda, click here.



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